Terms of Use for BodyCraft Wellness

Www.bodycraftwellness.com is a web site designed to inform potential clients about the services of Jeff Craft provided through BodyCraft Wellness. This includes descriptions of services available, fees for services, locations, business hours, as well as information about Jeff himself, his philosophies, etc.

Additionally is is intended to help current clients grow through additional information such as basic reminders about the services as well as educational articles and access to email newsletters.

Your use of this web site in anyway means that you have read and agree to the following:

  1. You are seeking information for personal education about healing, health and bodywork or you are seeking a practitioner of the healing and bodywork techniques offered on this site.
  2. You must represent yourself honestly in intention and identity in any and all communications with the site owner and service provider.
  3. You will not contact the owner and service provider, either by email or by phone, for any reason other than to schedule services or get additional information about services. This means you will not contact him to sell your products or services without his initiating a request, nor will you send unsolicited emails of any kind including sales pitches, pyramid schemes, adult novelty information, pornography, or anything else that would be considered spam.
  4. You understand that all the information provided here, including but not limited to articles, service descriptions, all page content, logos, web design elements and layout are the intellectual property of BodyCraft Wellness and are protected under Copyright laws. You are not to copy or use any content in anyway without direct written permission from Jeff Craft. Linking directly to the main page or to an article as a service to your web browsing clients and customers is acceptable, so long as you do not do so in frames, and you make no attempt to claim the work as your own. To publish an article, please ask for permission.
  5. You are not seeking to use web based technology in any way to harm the site itself, or the servers which host it. Nor are you attempting to gather information about the site's owner or any of its users or seeking in anyway to cause damage in any form including but not limited to physical harm, theft of property, identity theft, electronic fraud, distributing malicious software, hacking servers, and hijacking servers for sending spam or any other purpose.

The above list is a simple reminder of common courtesy and ettiquette when dealing with others in general, and specifically with this web site, its owner and his potential clients using this site. Thank you for being respectful and considerate.

Additional Information

Questions regarding this statement should be directed to Jeff Craft.
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We show reverence for our bodies when we exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, enjoy sensuous experiences, and simply relax.

- Frederic and Mary Ann Brussatt, Spiritual Literacy