Client Testimonials

"Jeff, I just finished listening to my Vedic Astrology reading for the first time...and I have to tell you that I am just BLOWN AWAY! You have given me so much more insight and understanding about everything. The part about my relationships with my sister and my friend was especially helpful. I will listen to this again and again. I think it is going to be very, VERY helpful in increasing my understanding of both myself and of my loved ones, too. You have so many wonderful gifts, Jeff, and I am so grateful to have your help. I knew this would be good but I didn't know it would be this GREAT! I would love to explore this more with you! Thank you so much...and really, thank you doesn't even cover it. I am sending you a big, humongous hug, from my heart to yours. I'm so grateful!!! Take care and I will be in touch soon!"
- Karen Wiedmeier, Augusta, GA

"My visit to Jeff came at a time when there were many unanswered questions and confusions in my life; I felt like I was on my way to someplace and my GPS stopped working. I felt overwhelmed, but, had no idea about the relevance of astrology, let alone the benefits of seeking astrological advice. I am so grateful now that I was led to Jeff. It was mind boggling to discover how planetary resonance affects our lives. There is so much information about it in our natal charts, and it reveals how the dance of the planets affects our dance on this planet! Jeff's readings and advice provided insight into the phenomena called my life. It was not about predictions solely, but much more ...I was humbled to find that the Universe was related to me so directly. What was really relevant for me was also the sense of discovering my path. My confusion disappeared, and I gained incredible clarity. Sometimes, an accurate map is all you need when feeling lost, and Jeff provided me with that through his in-depth guidance. I highly recommend him. "
- Pragati, Atlanta, GA

"Jeff Craft is a gifted healer. On top of that he is also extremely intelligent and well-trained in a wide variety of healing approaches. It is Jeff's pure intention to help his clients which drives him to continue to explore holistic ways in which to guide clients toward health and healing. Jeff's knowledge of Vedic astrology was very helpful to me in my desire to understand some of my core tendencies (strengths and weaknesses). Exploring these deeper aspects of myself allowed me to better prepare for the major life changes I am now embarking upon. A true healer facilitates healing through a consciousness of oneness and wholeness. Jeff is most definitely tapped into this consciousness. I highly recommend him!"
- Greg Vrona, D.C

"I've been working with Jeff for a little over a year now, and am so thankful that I found him! I went first for just a massage, and to learn to do some stretching now that I am getting older. The massage and stretching were fantastic. But as Jeff and I continued working together I discovered his extraordinary ability to discern how to help me to bring new integration to body, mind, heart and spirit. Jeff introduced me to several ancient practices such as meditation, Tantra yoga, and Reiki energy work. He helped me as I worked through a number of personal issues that were having complex effects at various levels of my life. I have come to trust, respect, and rely on Jeff as a reliable guide and partner in my personal growth. Our sessions of Ecstatic Union® Healing and Transformational Body work are developmental and transformational on every level. "
- Steve H., Decatur, GA

"I was able to not only touch and begin to rebuild the connection to the inner self through this experience but I was able to see how important maintaining the balance of all the elements are to the whole me. Jeff not only helped me as my guide but became my teacher by opening my mind to see the possible goal. During the experience I felt as if I was complete, not filled, but that all the elements had been activated. I felt the depth of my self in a way I have never been able to feel, until the experience with Jeff and Ecstatic Union®. It showed me what an awesome feeling it can be when all the elements work together. I will continue to work with Jeff, as long as he will allow me, to learn to reach and maintain that balance that is so important. This experience has started a change in my life each day, in the way I look at events, my sexual relations, and physical parts of my life. A truly wonderful view of the real me!"
- William Troxel

"A couple of months ago, I was searching for someone or something that could help me handle my emotions, work on aligning my spirituality and help me deal with my depression due to what I thought was a psychological impairment. Fortunately for me, I found Jeff Craft. One may think of Jeff as just a Licensed Massage Therapist; however, his ability to transform someone through the power of energy is life changing. I have been seeing Jeff once a week for the last couple of months and I feel like a changed person. My outlook on life is so positive compared to the doom and gloom I was dealing with. I now feel connected with my Supreme Being and what I once thought was a physical issue due to my psychological state is now so insignificant and not important in my life. Jeff possesses the skills to sooth aching muscles, reduce tension and produce a state of euphoria though his massage techniques. I left his studio feeling like I was floating on a cloud instead of walking. However, I feel Jeff's true gift in life is his ability to transform someone from a tired, broken, depressed person into a vibrant, energetic and life loving individual. It's almost like magic, but it's all about the power of healing through energy. I can't say enough about the pleasures I find in life now since I have been working with Jeff. Of course on my first visit I was somewhat reluctant and skeptical; however, Jeff made me feel extremely comfortable, at ease and trusting. I can't say enough about the gratitude I have for Jeff and the solid foundation that I now feel I have in my life. Thanks Jeff!"
- Will B.

"The finely tuned work was not only healing, it was a relaxation journey to the greatest depths..."
- Dr. Sandy R., Network Chiropractor, Homeopath

"Intuitive and highly sensitive work."
- Dr. Howard Tornopsky, Chiropractor

"Blessings to Jeff Craft! CSFT and Transformational Bodywork is changing my life, and believe me, I have tried almost all other options! The work that Jeff does is really quite extraordinary. I have found much relief with his work. Having always lived my life with a physical impairment (Cerebral Palsy), after just a few weekly sessions I found my body is easier to move more fluidly. His work seems to blend many different healing modalities such as chiropractic, massage, and energy work into one process. With Jeff's work 'Seeing and feeling is believing!'"
- Charles Anderson, Energy Healer

"I have to tell you that was the most fantastic session I have ever had. It was unbelievable. I cannot wait for future sessions. I will look forward to seeing the changes [in] the levels of awareness... I felt as though I were outside my body in a deep space of thought. I was aware up to a point of everything you were doing, but at some point during the manipulation of the spinal fluid [the CSFT] I felt so far away and relaxed. It is very hard to describe. I did not expect anything like that! I expected a wonderful session and total relaxation of my mind and body, but not to that level! You are truly gifted and an artist!"
- Shari O., Bookkeeper and Mother

"This was my first experience with a massage. Jeff was nothing short of outstanding in every way. He was prompt in setting the appointment, communicated before, showed up on time, and gave a great massage. Jeff has an extraordinary touch. Very intuitive, knowing how much pressure to apply or not and where to do it. He made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process. I will definitely be doing this again."
- Edward

"Jeff was very attentive and in tune with my needs. He was thorough, professional and met all my expectations. I will certainly be visiting again. Not to mention he had an awesome touch!"
- Chaz

"This was my first experience having a massage. Before the massage we discussed my problem areas, as well as other details about the massage. Jeff left the room will I disrobed and positioned myself on the table. When he returned I immediately became more relaxed, even with his very first touch. Our session ran a little over, but he was very accomodating. Will surely return at least once a month for a massage.... "
- Scott

"Jeff was ready when I arrived and gave me one of the best massages I have ever experienced. The massage room was clean and comfortable. He was very polite, sensitive and very responsive to my needs. It was well worth every penny. I look forward to my next session with Jeff. In fact I think I will call now and book another appointment. "
- Ron

We show reverence for our bodies when we exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, enjoy sensuous experiences, and simply relax.

- Frederic and Mary Ann Brussatt, Spiritual Literacy