Policies, Terms and Conditions for BodyCraft Wellness

The on-line appointment scheduling system is provided as a convenient, simple way to check availability and book your appointment on-line. By using the system, and by confirming an appointment through it, you are agreeing to ALL of the policies on this page, and all the policies posted anywhere on the BodyCraft Wellness website in any form or fashion. Similarly, booking appointments via email or phone are also agreement to these policies.

Anything on this policy page overrides any inconsistencies which may be present anywhere else on the website, but does not remove or invalidate any additional policies other pages may include.

These policies may be updated from time to time with or without notice. It is your responsibility to check them to ensure they are still acceptable to you.

By using this system to schedule on-line, you confirm and agree that in good faith you are wanting the appointment and services, and that you have every reason to believe you are available and able to come to your appointment on time and that you are able to pay for the services you are scheduling. You agree and confirm that you are not "holding the appointment" with knowledge that something may cause the need for cancellation.

You understand that scheduling on-line is a contract for massage and/or healing services between you and Jeff Craft operating through BodyCraft Wellness, collectively referred to as "the Service Provider" within this document. The system clearly tells you the total service fees, and by scheduling, you are agreeing to either pre-pay for the service using an on-line payment option, or to pay in cash at the time of the service.

You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to ask questions and gather information about location, cost and appropriateness of service for your individual needs, or any other questions you may have PRIOR to scheduling your appointment on-line. If the website doesn't provide you with the information you need, you should contact Jeff directly by email or phone before scheduling on-line. By Scheduling on-line, you are agreeing that you have all relevant information, and are fully choosing to contract the appointment time for the selected service(s).

You understand and acknowledge that "Massage" and "Tantra Yoga" related services are two separate services, and may not be combined into a single session.

You further agree and understand that requesting and contracting of Massage and bodywork services is for Therapeutic benefit of body and mind through stress reduction, pain reduction, reduction of physical toxins in the muscles and the increased circulation of blood and oxygen through professional soft tissue manipulation techniques which fall under the definition of "Massage Therapy."

You agree and understand that requesting and contracting of all Tantra Yoga, energy healing, spiritual counseling and related services is for the purposes of Spiritual healing and spiritual transformation through the use of Spiritual counseling , guidance and the implementation and learning of Tantric techniques which help to open energy channels, clear energetic blocks and deepen conscious awareness of your energetic and Spiritual Nature through the use of techniques such as Conscious breathing, pranayama, asana, meditation, awareness exercises, energy clearing and Tantric healing techniques as well as lifestyle integration of the Tantra Yoga teachings and philosophies.

You further agree and understand that energy healing and Tantra Yoga techniques and sessions are not "massage" and are not intended to provide therapeutic benefit to the body, but are instead a system of Yoga which seeks the expansion of Consciousness, the deepening of awareness, and the positive transformation of the individual through personal empowerment, healing and growth. You understand that Tantric Yoga techniques come from a time-tested, scientific spiritual system of Yoga which by design can have a profound impact upon every aspect of your being, including but not limited to your body, mind, emotions, personal identity and spiritual sense of Self , and through that impact can and will change your relationship to your sense of Self and the world around you.

By requesting Tantra yoga and Energy healing related sessions, you are acknowledging your role as a spiritual seeker wishing to be initiated into Tantric Practices and to receive guidance and support within the Path of Tantra Yoga as a system of Spiritual Transformation by a qualified Tantric teacher.

You acknowledge that there may be some limitations to the on-line scheduling system as compared to scheduling directly with Jeff though email or by phone. By choosing to use the system you are acknowledging that it meets you needs, and allows you to effectively schedule your session.

You acknowledge and understand that with a computer generated system, it is possible for mistakes to happen as both operator error (Your mistake) or computer error (error of the system). These mistakes could lead to issues such as your appointment not being entered into the system, accidental double booking of a time slot or other appointment conflicts, accidental removal of your appointment from the system, incomplete information, failure to receive proper confirmation notification by email, or any number of other errors.

By using this system, you agree and acknowledge that some errors are possible, and that while you understand that BodyCraft Wellness and Jeff Craft will do everything possible to prevent errors and communicate about possible errors and conflicts in a reasonably quick manner, that in the unlikely event such an error occurs and communication is not possible due to time restrictions or missing information, that you will hold BodyCraft Wellness, Jeff Craft and all related parties harmless for any inconvenience or loss of time or money which may occur as a result of the error.

You acknowledge that BodyCraft Wellness and Jeff Craft do not accept any liability for issues and problems which may arise due to system or operator error, including, but not limited to inability to provide service due to missing information or double booking. This system is provided "As Is", and by using it you accept and understand its limitations and risks. If anything unusual happens while using the system which causes you to question whether your appointment was properly processed, please follow up to confirm the appointment.

Whenever time permits, Jeff will do his best to re-confirm the appointment by email or text message, in addition to the confirmation email you will receive from the scheduling system, especially for new clients. Failure to receive a re-confirmation response does not in any way cancel the appointment contract. You are still expected to arrive for your appointment on time, and pay the agreed upon service fee.

If a double booking is discovered, the person who booked first will be given the time slot. In any case of system error, you will not be responsible for any payment if the service was unable to be provided.

Last Minute and Same day appointments are the most likely to experience booking conflicts. Whenever possible, it is recommended you schedule at least 24 hours in advance.

For those that need the convenience of short notice and same day booking, the system provides for scheduling with as little as 45-60 minute notice for most services, assuming appointment times are available. Some services which require more preparation, such as spa services, hot stone therapies and outcall service, may require up to a minimum of 4 hours notice to allow for proper preparation. The system is aware of these needs and will act accordingly. These limitations are created to help ensure that there is enough time to provide the services you are requesting.

While all efforts are made to be ready and on-time for all aspects of your session, you are requested to understand that a small amount of flexibility on your part may be needed for last minute and same day appointments. Your session may get started a few minutes late due to time limitations in preparing a spa treatment. In rare cases, there may not be enough time for the hot stones to get warm, in which case you would be given the option of a traditional massage, or the courtesy to reschedule or cancel.

Jeff will do his best to re-confirm these appointments as well via text message or email. Be advised that based upon scheduling, a last minute or same day appointment may only allow for re-confirmation within a window of 15-20 minutes prior to your scheduled time, and in rare cases not at all. Failure to receive re-confirmation notice does not grant permission to cancel or not show for your appointment. You are still contracted to the time slot.

To avoid most potential conflicts and thus disappointment, it is recommended that last minute and short notice same day bookings do not include spa preparations which could potentially cause session starting delays or inability to be properly prepared for the session. You may also choose to call to check on availability of Last minute spa services.

Last minute appointment scheduling is provided as a courtesy for those that need it. While all efforts are made to prevent conflict and booking problems, the user assumes all risks should there end up being a conflict with the ability. Should such a conflict arise based upon any aspect of your session, all attempts will be made to alert you of the conflict as soon as possible, but you still agree to all policies outlined in the Policies, Terms and Conditions with regards to scheduling error and holding BodyCraft Wellness and Jeff Craft harmless.

Scheduling an appointment through this system is in effect a REQUEST for an appointment. While under most circumstances the request will be granted and you can safely assume your appointment is scheduled, BodyCraft Wellness and Jeff Craft reserve the right to refuse service or cancel any appointment for any reason, with or without explanation. Should such a decision be reached, you will be informed as quickly as possible via email or text message.

Likely reasons for such cancellation or refusal of service could include, but are not limited to the following: Misalignment with the intention of the services being provided, knowledge of medical or mental health issues which would make services inappropriate, previous history of not showing up for appointments, previous history of last minute Cancellation without proper payment, previous history of excessive Cancellations in general, history of inappropriate or disrespectful behavior, and/or any violations of or failures to honor the policies, terms and conditions as outlined in this document or elsewhere on the BodyCraft Wellness site.

Additionally, unexpected scheduling changes, booking errors, and unexpected emergency situations or health issues could result in a cancellation or need to reschedule an appointment.

By using this system, you accept all risks and liabilities which may arise from the service provider's need to cancel or reschedule you for any reason, and hold BodyCraft Wellness and Jeff Craft harmless for any inconvenience, or loss of time or money which may result from the appointment Cancellation or rescheduling.

The appointments are scheduled in such a way to provide an adequate window to make small adjustments for the client to arrive a few minutes early or run a few minutes late. With that said, it is best for you to arrive as close to your actual appointment time as possible.

If you will be more than 5 minutes early, you are requested to call or text message prior to coming to the studio door to ensure that I am ready for you. You agree and understand that arriving significantly early, with or without communicating with me, may still require you to wait until your actual appointment time before the session can begin.

If you will be more than 5 minutes late, you are requested to call or text message to let me know when you will arrive. For situations where you are more than 10 minutes late and have properly communicated about your tardiness, it is possible that your scheduled session time may need to be reduced by the amount of your tardiness in order for me to be prepared for the appointment following yours. You agree and understand this may happen if you run late, and understand that you are still responsible for the full session fee agreed upon based upon the originally scheduled appointment.

In situations where you are 15 minutes late without any communication, it will be treated as a "no show" and will fall under the policies of less than 24 hour notice cancellation and no-shows. Should you still arrive later than 15 minutes after your appointment time without having communicated with me, it is possible that I will no longer be available to provide the service or may need to refuse service based upon other scheduling issues.

All appointment cancellations must be made by email or phone no later than 24 hours prior to your appointment.
If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice or fail to show up for your appointment, you agree to pay a cancellation fee of 50% of the full service amount the first time it happens, and 100% of the service fee for any times beyond the first event.

By scheduling an appointment by email, phone or by booking on-line, you agree to the above cancellation policy.

Should you choose to pre-pay on-line, you agree to and acknowledge the following:

All payments will be processed through the Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga account. Some variation of that name will appear on your credit card statement.

You agree to pay the amount to your bank or credit card company based upon their terms and conditions.

You agree that you will not dispute the charges that you have agreed to pay in scheduling your appointment.

The cancellation policies listed above apply to pre-payment as well. Should you need to cancel with greater than 24 hours notice, you may elect to reschedule and apply the prepayment to the next appointment, or you may elect to receive a full refund back to your credit card.

Should you cancel with less than 24 hours notice or not show up for your appointment, you will be given a 50% credit for a future appointment on the first instance, and no refund or credit for any times after the first.

Under no circumstances will a credit card or on-line payment be refunded with cash or any method other than an electronic refund back to the original payment method.

If you choose to pre-pay via PayPal, your payment details are maintained and processed through their system and servers. You are responsible for reading and understanding their policies. By using their payment system, you accept their policies, and accept all risks for using their system. Under no circumstances will BodyCraft Wellness or Jeff Craft be held responsible in any way for issues which may arise from your use of the PayPal payment system.

The information you provide, including name, phone number, address and email address, will be used only as a means of communicating with you about a scheduled appointment. It will not be sold or shared with any other person or business.

Your email address will only be added to the regular email newsletters if YOU choose to opt-in and receive them. You will be offered an option to join the newsletter after scheduling your appointment if you are not already on the newsletter list.

By providing your contact information, you are granting permission for BodyCraft Wellness and Jeff Craft to be able to communicate with you via phone, email, and/or SMS text message regarding the details of your appointment, changes to your appointment, and reasonable and professional follow up to your appointment. It is your responsibility to ensure that you provide contact information which is appropriate to receive such communications. You accept all risk and liabilities for any and all consequences which occur as a result of the communications you receive using the contact information you provide.

Phone calls will only be made between then hours of 10am-8pm unless you have specifically requested or granted permission to call outside those times. Scheduling an appointment after which starts after 8pm or you yourself calling outside those hours is considered permission to call at other times.

Your contact information and appointment details, including a record of your IP address, are logged on a private, secured database server for the purposes of maintaining an accurate scheduling calendar and to serve as a backup calendar in case of data loss. The records may be retained for up to one year as a way of providing future "client history" functionality to the website. All reasonable efforts are in place to protect your information. In the unlikely event that the system were entered and your privacy was compromised, you would be informed as soon as we were aware of the issue. Even in such a case, only contact information and appointment details would be available.

Sensitive information such as Social security number or credit card information are currently not requested via this system, and should they ever be would be stored separately from your name and contact information.

It is your responsibility to check the policies of third parties offering services which relate to your scheduling and transaction, such as PayPal.

You understand and acknowledge that it is your responsibility to keep BodyCraft Wellness and Jeff Craft informed of any and all medical conditions and/or changes in your health which could affect the appropriateness of services you are requesting, or the ability of the service provider to provide proper, appropriate and beneficial services based upon your current health needs.

Furthermore, it is your responsibility to communicate about any concerns you may have about the appropriateness of service during the service itself. If something is occurring during the session which is causing you pain, discomfort, or in any way feels that it may be harmful to you, you agree you will speak up immediately.

You acknowledge that you will provide the service provider with all information necessary to provide proper and appropriate services, both before and during the service(s). You further acknowledge, that you are requesting the services and believe yourself to be in proper physical and mental condition to receive the services you are requesting, and that you accept full risk and responsibility for the effects the services may have on any and all physical, medical and psychological conditions, both known and unknown to you.

By using the services, you accept all risks and liabilities, and agree to hold BodyCraft Wellness and Jeff Craft harmless for any and all issues, conditions and/or complications which may arise from the use of said services, including but not limited to medical expenses, loss of time, loss of money, loss of income, permanent or temporary physical, medical or mental health complications, or complications which result in loss of life.

You also agree and understand that no service provided by BodyCraft Wellness or Jeff Craft is intended to be a substitute for medical treatment or professional mental health services, such as psychological or psychotherapeutic counseling services. Should you have severe pain, dysfunction or illness of any kind, or feel you need the assistance of a mental health professional, then you are advised to seek out a qualified, licensed practitioner relevant to your needs and concerns.

You further agree and acknowledge that you may be asked at any time to provide a medical history and/or to sign a document agreeing to any or all of the above outlined information, and agree that you will provide such information and sign such documentation upon request. You also acknowledge that even without providing a physical signature, that by contacting to schedule through email or by phone you are providing acknowledgement and agreement to these policies, or by booking this appointment on-line you are providing a digital signature to this agreement per the required acceptance of these Policies, Terms and Conditions in order to complete the appointment confirmation and booking.

Tantra is the call to awaken from sleep and see that life is love and love is God.

- Ma Ananda Sarita & Swami Anand Geho, Tantric Love