Ayurvedic Healing

A Proven Natural Approach to Health and Wellness

Ayurvedic Consultations

Expand Vibrancy and Improve Health Naturally

Are you looking for more holistic ways to live? Seeking Natural ways to restore balance and recover from disease or improve your current health? Seeking natural methods to heal you where modern medicine has fallen short, or needs additional support?

Ayurveda provides a truly holistic model of restoring health, improving your overall wellness, and stopping and reversing disease processes. It approaches each individual in their wholeness, acknowledging the powerful interaction between body, emotions, mind and spirit and the role that each of these levels can have in both disease and in health.

Ayurveda means "Science of Life" and is the ancient wholistic medical system of India, which is intimately linked with Yoga and other Vedic Sciences. Ayurveda is the original "Yoga Therapy", and capable of addressing imbalances within the body and the mind. It believes that health is created when we are living in balance with the principles of Nature, and thus poor health or disease stems from living out of balance with Nature. In addition to restoring balance to health, using the Ayurvedic Principles in your life is a strong rejuvinating and preventative, and can futher boost immune function, clarity of mind and general health and vibrancy.

Ayurveda addresses symptoms and general wellness by educating the client on the ways that their own nature manifests, and then empowering them to live in greater alignment with their own nature. Rather than only removing symptoms, Ayurveda empowers the client to make choices in daily life that will act as not only a powerful preventative, but will also invite greater levels of vibrancy and health than were previous available.

Many modern medical approaches only mask symptoms, but leave the true source of the health challenge unaddressed. The Ayurvedic approach seeks not only to remove the symptom, but to also help you discover and eliminate the cause. It takes a truly holistic and comprehensive approach, addressing potential imbalances through every area of our life, teaching you a deeper unsterstanding of your own Self, and empowering you to take the steps needed for greater health and vibrancy.

During your initial consultation, we will discuss various lifestyle factors such as sleep patterns, diet, and digestion. Using classical Ayurvedic methods, such as Pulse diagnosis and Tongue Diagnosis we will assess the current state of the subtle and biological energies. And we will use Vedic Astrology to assess current influences on the body and mind, as well as determine if there are any strong karmic influences which need to be addressed. Taking that information, I will help you gain a new perspective on your current health concerns, help identify the causes and work with you to create a custom plan to bring these energies back into balance.

Treatment recommendations can include lifestyle and dietary modifications, herbs, meditation, aromas, bodywork, as well as the use of other healing and self-healing methods.

Follow up consultations are recommended to keep the momentum of healing and to fine tune the suggests based upon the changes and benefits you are experiencing.

Consultations can be scheduled via Telephone, Skype or other Video Chat service, as well as In Person in Jeff's Home Studio in Avondale Estates.

Ayurvedic Consultations:
Intital Consultation (Up to 90 Minutes) - $120
Follow up with Ecstatic Union® Energy Healing (90 minutes total) - $120
Follow up with Ecstatic Union® Energy Healing (60 minutes total) - $95
Follow up Consultation only (30 Minutes total) - $70

Ayurvedic Consultation Packages
Add Initial Consultation to any Package + $100
(4) 90 Minute Follow Ups with Ecstatic Union® Energy Healing - $420
(4) 60 Minute Follow Ups with Ecstatic Union® Energy Healing - $340
(4) 30 Minute Follow Ups - $250

Please note: Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Consultations are offered as a tool for naturally restoring health and vibrancy. Each case is unique and no "cure" is implied. Ayurveda is not a substitute for professional mental health services or medical care of any kind. Instead it focuses on correcting energetic imbalances within the physiology and energy bodies. Should you be experiencing serious medical issues or concerned about the state of your mental health, it is advised that you seek proper medical attention.
We show reverence for our bodies when we exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, enjoy sensuous experiences, and simply relax.

- Frederic and Mary Ann Brussatt, Spiritual Literacy